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OFFERSEVEN leverages years of experience in the fast-developing mobile advertising industry to give you the very best mobile affiliate platform so you can get the best sales ROI and value for your hard-earned traffic. In quick and easy steps, launch campaigns on your sites and apps, analyze your site performance and optimize your revenue.

  • We Target All Mobile Platforms

    Android, iOS or Windows Phone, we target all systems. Whether you’re looking to acquire new users or to build an effective mobile traffic monetization OFFERSEVEN is the right partner for you!

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    All our reporting is up-to-date, accurate, and always available on a 24/7 basis. Simply track the performance of your ads that were placed in mobile apps. Analyze data for campaign tutorial.

  • Fully Automated System

    Our highly efficient internal algorithm helps to connect best converting offers with demand side according to quality analytics and volume capability of every publisher.

  • ROI-focused System

    Our whole system is aimed at helping you meet your ROI objectives. With increased marketing demand from advertisers, our publishers get industry-leading fill rates worldwide.

Tips for publishers to monetize mobile traffic

Tip 1

Ad units not created equally

If you want to know what ad unit performs best yoг have no other way but get into testing And of course there is no magic pill and one size fits all answer - it depend of your audience, your media website or application, and gaming apps on will have different set of rules in opposition to general mobile apps But you have to start somewhere - the better performing ad unit sizes are

  • 300x250 on average performs well on all devices
  • 336x280 will work well on dives with higher resolution
  • 300x50 can be organically placed in the footer
Tip 2

Don't overuse high performance ad products.

After initial testing you finally find something that works well for you - but don't be fooled - there is such a thing like to too much of a good. Units like interstitial ads or native ads have high CTR but beware on how frequent they are being served to the user, and depending on the audience, it can lead to user frustration very fast. Working ad products should not disrupt user experience. Key factor is moderation

Tip 3

Speed matters - optimize it.

If we are talking about mobile website then we are talking about slower and less reliable network connections then on desktops. You do not want additional latency with your ads on the page, as of late Google takes into account how fast your pages are, and it is a serious ranking factor. Lower rankings , less traffic - less traffic, less money it is just that simple. Probably the best way to deal with that issue is to use asynchronous ad tags. Using an iframe is also an option so your ads and content load separately, but this need further testing to ensure no negative impact on earnings.

Tip 4

Respect your user

You will be surprised if you knew how often this obvious fact is being ignored in the pursuit of website or mobile app monetization. You have to think long term and make respect of your users part of your monetization strategy. That kind of attitude usually gets rewarded with longer time spent at your resource, better user engagement and loyalty. Respecting your users usually can be boiled down to providing a clear option to close unwanted ads especially on aggressive formats that cover whole mobile screen. You probably think that is not exact numerical value and you won't be able to predict impact on generated revenue, but with right metrics like time on page, time on screen, bounce rate, depth of scroll etc., some tests and optimization you will find that sweet spot between profitability and UX.

Tip 5

Create ad placement scarcity

Segment your inventory into tiers. Top tier placement, like home page or splash screen, can be purchased only via direct contact to you or your sales team. In additional it can be some kind of exclusive ad format that can only be acquired directly, that creates scarcity and maximizes brand interaction.

Tip 6

Single ad network at a time

Publishers usually have more supply than demand Partnering with mobile ad network that have adequate reach and experience is paramount to the whole mobile monetization process, Offerseven is an expert in mobile advertising have stable business relationships that guarantees additional exposure. Teaming up with Offerseven exclusively will get you access to media buyers that tend to buy inventory at a scale, and budgets that not usually reachable to single publishers. Offerseven is an exclusive Ad Network that allows affiliates to better monetize their traffic. Also Offerseven is a global mobile advertising platform, where our advertisers pay you for each specified action. For example, an impression, a click, a form submit, an installation or sale. We'll pay for every qualified lead that your traffic generated. To maximize your revenue and profits is our ultimate goal. With this in mind, we keep working hard and spare no effort to help you to make it happen. We provide traffic and monetization solutions for any country and any device. No matter the traffic type, we allow our publishers to monetize their traffic more efficiently. Offerseven provides you with

  • Various formats that are easy to find and use
  • Payments are 100% secure and convenient, PayPal and Bank Wire supported
  • Exclusive offers to generate more revenue easily
Tip 7

Consider mediation layer for remnant inventory

After direct sales and ad network work done you probably will have some unsold placements, and to deal with that you can choose one of to paths.. For this you have two choices. First connect to multiple ad networks in some sort of chain, but that will require some sort of intervention of your tech team. Other way is to connect to yield optimizer who automatically connects your inventory to multiple networks Latter is considered more beneficial for aggregated performance data and reports and options to monetize for your international inventory. This combination of top tier inventory for your sales team, hand picked ad network partner and a mediation layer should guarantee your inventory exposure to different demand sources in a controlled and efficient way. If each method works effectively, any big campaign challenge will be answered by you in a most efficient way, filling every impression won’t be a problem, and your partners will be excited to work with you.

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