CPM Platform

Our СPM platform is the best solution to reach the highest fill rate on the market for both advertisers
and publishers. Utilize the benefits of the video advertising now to achieve better results.

  • Environment

    We’re featuring all the popular environments for video ads: Desktop, Mobile Web, In-App and CTV

  • Popular Ad formats

    Choose the form that suits your needs: rewarded, in-stream, in-content, and interstitial

  • Compliance

    Our video solutions are all VAST/VPAID/JS compliant


For Publishers

Monetize your traffic in the most productive way.

Show our top performing video advertisements to your audience.

Here’s what we offer:
  • High fill rate

    Our latest tech developments in optimization are ready to enhance the viewability of ads, multiplying your income

  • Stability

    Choose from direct and stable campaigns, that are available on a daily basis

  • Superior performance

    Have a taste of the fastest user experience we’ve achieved thanks to the low cross-server latency

For Advertisers

Reach your targeted audience through video advertising,
wherever they are.

Increase your fill rate and get access to the fraud-free traffic worldwide.

Benefit from our:
  • Premium video inventory

    Gain access to the finest inventories from our trustworthy publishers

  • Global reach

    Our partnerships with affiliates all over the globe will allow your ads to reach the potential customers wherever they are

  • Profound fraud protection

    Our fraud detection methods allow us to detect and block non-human traffic and get the clear inventory you paid for


Juan Martin De Riso López
Juan Martin De Riso López
Chief of Operations

We had been working with OFFERSEVEN for years, and the experience has always been positive. The combination of efficient account managing, good offers, promptly payments and great communication have made our partnership grow over the years and turned OFFERSEVEN into a profitable ally in our business.

Laura Silvestre
Laura Silvestre
Account Management Team Leader and Business Development

Since I’m working with OFFERSEVEN I’ve never had a problem with the payment. Their offers are so good and almost all the offers we’ve run with them have provided a great performance and revenue. I ensure to you all that working with O7 is the best thing you’ll ever do :).

Lourdes Ruiz Molina
Lourdes Ruiz Molina
Affiliate Manager

OFFERSEVEN it a highly successful partnership for Spiroox. Communication is always at a high level.

Katy Dedman
Katy Dedman
Premium Demand Manager

I have had the pleasure working with OFFERSEVEN on both the demand and supply side and have nothing but positive words to say about them.
Top three things: The account managers are wonderful and enthusiastic about making money;
They are quick to respond to comments and any questions you may have;
We have never had any payment issues!
Basically, I love working with OFFERSEVEN!

Roy Gonem
Roy Gonem
Senior Business Development

Having worked with OFFERSEVEN for the last few months as an affiliate I can say only good things. Most campaigns we ran converted really well and matched our traffic and needs exactly!
I hope that we can only grow together and increase our profits!

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