Ad Network


What is the Ad Network?

Ad networks banner inventories from large quantities of distribution sources and fit these with need resources searching for advertising slots in which to market. The distribution sources in a mobile ad network normally represent programs from publishers and program developers. Demand sources comprise of advertisers that wish to put their advertisement in a different app to obtain new users. Many cellular ad networks encourage a broad spectrum of different formats, from banner ads to native advertisements, whereas others are focused on particular formats like video. On the demand-side, some ad networks provide a platform for advertisers to sign-in and handle their own campaigns. Others provide a managed service where account managers offer a consultative approach and utilize their experience to guarantee the effort runs at optimum levels.

Why Are Ad Networks Important?

Ad networks are a basic monetization part of the advertising ecosystem that is cell. They behave as a commercial and technical intermediary between advertisers and publishers. On the technical level, integrations are usually supplied for the supply-side to provide their inventory and also for the demand-side to trigger and track campaigns. Commercially, ad networks ease trades and payments. Without ad network options to pull requirement, publishers would need to negotiate prices with each individual advertiser.

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