App ranking algorithm


The algorithm used by app stores to rank a specific app. It is usually based on a number of installs, install/uninstall ratio, stability and external links. It is also common to rank the app using the category where it was submitted and the overall quality.

History of term

Although the algorithm is as old as the app development itself, the first major implementation was seen in 2008, with the appearance of App Store and Google Play. Nowadays it has been used by all app stores and additional applications themselves. Since the day it was launched, the algorithm has been updated several times, each time adding a new factor used for app ranking.

Why is it important to know?

App ranking algorithm is essential for all users who are planning to develop and launch an app and for all who are promoting them as well. Understanding how the algorithm works allow for you to adjust and modify the app accordingly, or to use the best ones.

How can affiliate marketer use it?

First of all, this algorithm allows for you to use the most popular apps, with the highest relations with the users, which can be transferred to direct sales. This also means that the algorithm helps you choose the brands and companies with the highest success rate possible.

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