Apple advertising identifier


Apple advertising identifier represents a value which is linked to a specific iPhone. In addition, it can be found on all Apple devices. The sole purpose is to be accessed by an app and show the targeted ads important to the specific user. Each user has the ability to adjust the Apple advertising identifier as well to reset it.

History of term (if applicable)

The Apple advertising identifier has been available on all iOS versions since iOS 6. Previous versions have Unique Device Identifier, which was removed due to the issues Congress discovered. Apparently, it violated the privacy of the users.

Why is it important to know?

Understanding how the Apple advertising identifier actually works allows for the app developers to adjust and develop advanced ad targeting. It is also the essential element for all who are working in the marketing industry. Basically, it is the system that allows for the users to get the most appealing or desirable ads.

How can I (affiliate marketer) use it?

In simple words, using Apple advertising identifier allows for affiliate marketers to target their audience as accurately as possible and therefore to acquire a higher number of potential customers.

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