Apple’s IFA


IFA stands for Identifier For Advertisers and it can be defined as a cookie for Apple devices. It is a number which is linked to a specific iPod or an iPhone and it will be used by the apps. All users have the possibility to reset or disable the IFA on their device. The IFA is used by the apps only and doesn’t record web browsing activities.

History of term

IFA has been among us since iOS 6 and it is one of the most important updates of the aforementioned operating system version. It replaced the Unique Device Identifier which was disapproved by the Congress. The users didn’t have the opportunity to disable it. Apple requested from all app developers to update their systems after launching iOS 6.

Why is it important to know?

The system is a mandatory element essential for all app developers, network ads, and advertisers. Understanding how it works maximizes the success of an app or marketing strategy.

How can I use it?

All affiliate marketers must understand the IFA system in order to adapt the apps to display the most desirable ads to the user. This increases the traffic and the sales.

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