What is Attribution?

Mobile attribution, also referred to as cellular program monitoring, is the science of fitting two data points, like attributing spend to consumer engagement, or installs based on particular factors. Attribution generates an understanding of exactly what occurs every time a user interacts, or doesn't socialize, using a cellular ad pointing towards an program. Successful mobile program attribution covers the entirety of this conversion funnel. It finds out if it's the user does or doesn't respond upon seeing an ad; it decides whether a user installs a program after seeing an ad; it decides the way the user acts after installing. While cellular app monitoring helps advertisers and entrepreneurs understand individual users, it may also help entrepreneurs identify applicable cohorts, identify classes which perform (or don't) react to creatives, and ascertain how they act in-app by monitoring key events (like an IAP buy or an advertisement view).

Why is Attribution Important?

Attribution figures out the amount of advertising dollars spent on the amount of conversions obtained, and will be the major figure in determining program advertising achievement. Without true attribution, advertisers, partners and program manufacturers wouldn't understand just how much has been invested per advertisement, and just how much a successful conversion pays out. What's more, cellular app attribution is vital for optimisation of all types. By monitoring user events, and knowing how users behave when confronted with compensated action, you are able to alter and enhance virtually every part of your program, your own creatives, along with your spend. Attribution impacts the whole mobile advertising ecosystem, from ascertaining how much ad space expenses, to just how well a effort has done, yet another reason that makes it a fundamentally important component of mobile marketing.

Attribution and Offerseven

Attribution is fundamental to all that Offerseven does, and as such we've assembled among the very best attribution goods available on the marketplace. It's amazingly technical under-the-hood, however, simple to incorporate, and much more easy to setup. Our attribution is remarkably precise, and has the capacity to monitor anything you'd really want, and it all occurs in real time. To discover more about the way to Offerseven Offerseven's attribution settings, have a peek at our docs on attribution configurations.

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