Attribution Window


What is the Attribution Window?

An attribution window (or conversion window) is a specified amount of time where a publisher can assert a a view resulted in an install. For example: when a window of seven times has been agreed between an advertiser and publisher, after that if it could be proved that an individual interacting with an ad from a publisher installs the program inside the window, then publisher is imputed with the install and also could get payment.

Why Are Attribution Windows Important?

Attribution windows are a basic tool for assisting advertisers and publishers to understand when a conversion occurs. Frequently there's a difference in vulnerability to an advertisement and an install, like viewing a match on Facebook while commuting to work in the early hours, apparently forgetting about it to then recalling to install the way home from work in the day. Without allowing for possible gaps between seeing an advertisement, and installing an program, users may be confused as organic, rather than being compensated for, which might indicate that publishers get rid of money. Putting an attribution window generates the capability to add consumers that are technically brought from an advertisement, simply not right in the case of viewing it.

How Long Should I Set a Attribution Window for?

The ideal duration of an attribution window ought to be determined depending on the aim of a campaign. By way of instance, an advertiser conducting an install campaign fostered by "gone and seen" formats such as banner advertisements may need a shorter window. Although tens of thousands of people may see an ad temporarily, an impression-based form is not likely to induce an install five days afterwards. On the flip side, an advertiser operating a campaign resisted interaction might wish to select a more attribution window. When an advertiser has procured a prime location inside an program and wishes to determine its long-term value, then a 21 or even 30-day window will help them determine whether it delivered the outcomes they aimed for.

Attribution Windows and Offerseven

From clicks to impressions, Offerseven can monitor every sort of attributable action that contributes to a install. As a default option, we monitor clicks more than a seven day window, and impressions for 24 hours. Nevertheless your attribution window is composed to thirty times for install, and it is more than sufficient time to permit for the vast majority of installations. For much more on how it works, it is possible to discover Offerseven's attribution configurations here.

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