Cross-device attribution


Cross-device attribution is a model which allows for marketers to determine the number of generated sales using different devices. For example, 70% will start using a smartphone, 60% will continue using PC and 5% will continue using a tablet. The model is complicated to acquire due to the fact it involves a lot of variables.

History of term

Nowadays cross-device attribution is common, but it is still a relatively new method. We were able to see the increase in popularity alongside increase the use of different devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As such, the method originated in the current decade.

Why is it important to know?

Cross-device attribution knowledge allows for you to literally generate more sales, due to the fact you will understand how users think and which devices they use. Furthermore, it is important for developers to be able to adapt the app for a specific device.

How can I use it?

All affiliate marketers must understand the method in question and how it works. It is essential for getting accurate figures about the sales and also to serve the most suitable ads to around 45% users who will use several devices when purchasing a product or products.

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