Device matching


Being able to determine when the same user uses two or more devices is known as device matching. It is the most essential for the parameter for cross-device advertising and tracing. There are two alternatives when it comes to this method. The first one is to acquire data from Google and Facebook and the second is to base a ‘’guess’’ algorithm, which is effective between 50% and 90%.

History of term

This system originated alongside the use of multiple devices. As such, it is more than just popular since 2010 and widely used. Two, most common providers of the data are Facebook and Google. In addition, users developed a technique which allows for them to match two devices if they are used on the same location at the same time.

Why is it important to know?

Device matching is primarily used to develop the apps and software that make use of multiple devices more appealing. It is also an essential method for brands to offer perfect compatibility of their apps and websites to the consumers.

How can I use it?

For affiliate marketers, the main advantage of device matching is the fact it allows for them to use cross-device targeting. In essence, the system is used to determine which users use multiple devices and to serve the ads which are compatible with those devices.

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