Device targeting


Being able to determine which device is used at that, particular moment or which model is known as device targeting. It is performed in two ways. The first one is to determine which device is used, a smartphone, laptop or a TV. The second is to determine which brand or version of the device is used.

History of term

Device targeting is one of a bit older techniques and it was developed in the 2000s. This technique is also used by secret agencies and advertising networks. In addition, it is constantly updated so more and more devices are added to the equation.

Why is it important to know?

The system in question is essential for app developers and for marketers. It is also used by device manufacturers to determine which models are popular and the length of their use. In general, device targeting is a must-know parameter for all of you who are planning to have a link with the users using the devices in question.

How can I use it?

Affiliate marketers use device targeting in order to serve the ads which will bring the highest number of sales. For example, smartphone users don’t prefer ads about navigation or reading, while PC users do. Obviously, it also allows for them to serve a suitable item for user’s particular device.

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