What Are Events?

Events (or in-app events) are activities performed by users inside a program. Whether it's passing level, finishing a buy, or perhaps clicking an icon, any and all activities within programs are called 'events,' but only as long as they're described as such.

Why Are Events Important?

The value of events depends on which events you decide to track. As any actions might be an occasion, it's crucial that you have setup with the ideal ones early. As soon as you've started getting information, you'll learn more about how users navigate and interact with your port, such as what they enjoy, and in which the friction is. Events have a goal in the way you feature a series of events, called a 'conversion series,' that result in 'earnings events' (the activities that exchange cash for in-app price.) Conversion chains establish engagement and permit you to comprehend the events which may be optimized, and the areas that could provide you more chances to include additional earnings events. Without tracking events that contribute to conversions, you can miss out on the information that informs critical conclusions. Contrarily, it's easy to get bogged down with too much irrelevant data. Thus, it's very important to monitor certain landmarks or activities. By way of instance, in a gambling program, you might choose to monitor finishing the initial degree, or first couple of chapters, or perhaps the very first accomplishment, instead of the sixth or fifth degree, as knowing why users fall off first may be more precious than they vanish later.

Events and Offerseven

Together with Offerseven, you're ready to monitor as many events as you need - in-app events are free and flexible. You're in a position to place events manually inside the system also, so as to monitor whatever you'd like. From that point, we take good care of the tech behind monitoring, tallying points scored and purchases made, and the full series between. With our information clearly arranged at the dashboard, you may download and manipulate as you please, work out the areas which may require optimization, and assess exactly how effective your program is, and what you could improve to make it simpler. To locate the entire documentation event monitoring, and just how to set custom events within our dashboard, click here.

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