Fat fingers clicks


Fat finger clicks are defined as accidental clicks which occur when using touchscreen devices. The name is just a term used to explain the real action. Of course, it actually doesn’t have to do anything with the size of the fingers and all users make this type of clicks.

History of term

Fat or accidental clicks are as old as the touchscreens, but they became very appealing in 2012 when the attention was focused on them. There were several features launched by Google and Apple trying to decrease the number of accidental clicks.

Why is it important to know?

Fat finger clicks are mandatory to understand if you are an app developer or a marketer. They can make a huge difference in the app stability and satisfaction rate, therefore minimizing them is mandatory.

How can I use it?

All affiliate marketers rely on accidental clicks. According to a research, static banners are far more useful, with 38% of success rate, while rich media banners have only 13%.

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