Frequency Capping

Definition for Frequency Capping?

An automatic limitation on messages to make sure consumers don't get an absurd or bothersome number of communications at a quick time period.

How to use Frequency Capping?

Frequency capping is the action of restricting the amount of messages received or advertisements seen by a consumer in a particular time period. Automation programs which have multichannel capabilities might incorporate a means to limit the amount of messages received by a user in one station, across all channels, or even both. It's possible to limit messages based on several different intervals, like dayper week, or month.

This may be especially significant since users are most likely to uninstall or select from push notifications when faced with overwhelming numbers of messages, however in precisely the exact same time, may be registered in many campaigns based on their own interests, location, or present offers. Deciding the sweet spot to get a frequency limit asks a look in your information tendencies, particularly where workouts and uninstalls appear to summit for different sections. Frequency caps aren't entirely binding--you can override them to get an essential or urgent message.

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