Google play


An online store where users can upload (requires a plan) and download apps for all Android devices is known as Google Play. All devices that have an operating system in question come with a pre-installed app for Google Play.

History of term

Google Play was announced on 28 of April 2008 and was launched on the same year, on 22nd of October. It originated as a merge of Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBook store. Nowadays, it is the only official place where people can download apps.

Why is it important to know?

Google Play is a sophisticated web-store that must be known by all developers and users who are working on the internet. It is especially important for app developers who simply must upload their app here.

How can I use it?

Being able to determine which apps are the most popular at the moment, which ones are gaining popularity and why is the main set of reasons why affiliate marketers must know all about Google Play. This allows for them to develop better and more successful campaigns.

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