In-app ad


An ad located in the app itself and displayed when the app is used is called in-app ad. There are several different types such as banner, full-screen ad, and small ad. First ads of this kind were banners and massive ones, but new ones are smaller, offer responsive design and based on flat design as well.

History of term

The exact timing of in-app ads development is still unknown. These ads were popular since 2010 but we were able to see the first ones used even back in 2000. This was the year when mobile advertising became extremely popular and profitable.

Why is it important to know?

Using in-app ads is a huge business nowadays. Almost all apps you can download from app stores will contain an ad or ads. They require the premium option to remove those ads. As such, this is a mandatory method to know by all developers, marketers and etc.

How can I use it?

Using in-app ads is a huge business nowadays and it allows for the marketers to get a ‘’certain’’ audience. Basically, all the users of the app will get ads which are specifically optimized for them. As such, it is believed that in-app ads are the future of advertising.

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