Install Referrer


What is the Install Referrer?

An Install Referrer is an Android-specific advertisement tracking identifier, also called Google install_referrer. It's like Device IDs and Device Fingerprinting, in it's a exceptional series that's delivered to the Play Store (rather than App Store) if a consumer clicks an ad. If the program is installed, the referrer is subsequently delivered into your attribution partner, which then looks to match the origin with all the install, attributing the conversion. All information from install referrer is situated inside the Play Store programmer console, and Google Analytics when it's installed.

Why is Install Referrer Important?

Install referrers feature with 100 percent accuracy by the essence of how they're built. This implies that (about the Play Store at least) inaccuracy and faulty datasets aren't a problem.

Offerseven along with also the Install Referrer

Offerseven creates an ID for monitoring purposes. It's contained in the referrer that's used for attribution. But, we also add information to Analytics also, and you could also unlock any additional deep linking possible through Offerseven's dashboard.

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