Limit Ad Tracking


What is Limit Ad Tracking?

Limit ad tracking (also called LAT) is a feature that enables users to opt-out of with an ID for Advertisers (IDFA). After the setting is enabled, the consumer's specific IDFA appears clean when monitored. This usually means that those users got't view certain advertisements targeted at them, to the networks, the apparatus doesn't have any identity. Attribution and conversion events (one of some attributes) are switched off if LAT is switched on (although not very with Offerseven, since it is possible to figure out under).

Why Do Users Switch Limit Ad Tracking?

In a time of mounting privacy concerns, users that trigger the feature could possibly do so to stop information collection if they're more aware of being monitored. Users might also be creating a deliberate decision to prevent targeted advertisements, which for most might not make much difference when it comes to buy decisions. The option isn't automatically made because of advertising quality, but because of awareness of solitude, or even a wariness of advertisement generally. Normally, there are always users that seek privacy security, and the atmosphere was made to provide those users an choice to remove themselves in the procedure. It's very important to realize that there are always users that wish to prevent advertisements, and from self-policing such as this the sector prevents possibly over-the-top legislation from impacting deeper regions of the ecosystem. Our analysis on the condition of LAT 28 days after the truth will be able to help you realize the distribution of consumers worldwide who possess the atmosphere enabled.

Limit Ad Tracking and Offerseven

We made a tool to help mitigate the consequences of LAT, which we predict Privacy Insights. With it, Offerseven can function you information especially tied to the group of consumers that trigger LAT. The new metric reveals you that the ratio of consumers who have triggered LAT in their apparatus. LAT users produce an opposing ending to the many highly engaged customers, and our Privacy Insights we can reveal to you the opposite end of the scale, so assisting you to identify users who might be the most disengaged, and so ones that you need to avoid targeting. On this issue of attribution, Offerseven deduplicates and features the installs coming from LAT users employing an anonymous ID that's created automatically. But, we exclude device IDs so that the users can't be targeted after. This is in-line together with the aim of this setting but still lets you feature the unknown origin.

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