Madware is a software which is implemented into the apps used by smartphones and serve the ads to the user. It can be used to display ads at a specific time when a specific feature is being used and also to deliver the voice messages to the user. It is commonly explained as adware for smartphones.

History of term

Madware originated in 2010, but the first, major success we saw in 2013. As the popularity of free apps increased, the popularity of madware was increased as well. Nowadays, almost all free apps use madware and it can be removed with the premium version of an app.

Why is it important to know?

Madware is an excellent way display specific ads precisely when needed. As such, all developers must or better said should implement it into the apps. Marketers will use madware to reach the audience. Of course, this isn’t possible if an app is a premium, meaning that it has ads removed.

How can I use it?

Madware offers plenty of advantages and features for affiliate marketers. It is an excellent way to reach to the high number of users who use a specific app and to display them specific ads. For example, an affiliate marketer can reach users who downloaded an app for increasing the font and offer them cell phones for seniors.

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