Media queries


Media queries is a CSS3 module which has the ability to adapt to the specific screen resolution of a device. In other words, this is the base of the responsive web design and it is used as a standard module since 2012.

History of term

Media queries were developed in 1994 by Håkon Wium Lie and should be implemented into CS1 in 1997 but they weren’t. The proper development started in 2000 and they were launched back in 2001.

Why is it important to know?

Nowadays each developer or a programmer must know how to use media queries. As you already know, they are standard since 2012 meaning that they must be used in every app or web development.

How can I use it?

For affiliate marketers, this technology is mandatory simply because it allows for them to include ads into responsive web design. The ads must use the same technology or better said they must blend-in into the website.

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