Mobile Ad Fraud


What is Mobile Ad Fraud?

Mobile ad fraud is when an individual or team endeavor to defraud advertisers, publishers or provide partners by exploiting cellular marketing technologies. The aim of fraudsters would be to steal from marketing budgets. Mobile ad fraud can take numerous distinct types, from faked impressions, click spam or faked installs, and since the business grows to combat them so also do procedures of fraud alter and improve. By way of instance, deceptive publishers trying to gain from false impressions can stuff adverts to one pixel, or intentionally align an ad from view to create views or impressions which never occurred. Our advertisement fraud white paper covers this in much more detail.

Why Does Mobile Ad Fraud Happen?

Mobile ad fraud poses a substantial opportunity to generate money fast (though strangely), that can be contributed to by 2 variables. The first is that while cellular content slows in creation, both advertising and audience demands increase, creating a vacuum cleaner which fraudsters may fill. Advertisers are finding more restricted inventory to devote their bigger budgets, cash which may fall to the hands of fraudsters. Second, a lack of business action in fighting fraud implies, for now, a criminal is less likely to be captured and can behave with marginally more impunity. Mobile ad fraud isn't easy to carry on and needs wholesale business co-ordination. Progress has been created, all's required is additional development with respect to technologies, coordination and facing up to the realities of mobile ad fraud.

What Does Offerseven Do to Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud?

Offerseven's Fraud Prevention Suite works on user acquisition fraud. The Suite prevents bogus visitors from being credited to your paid stations, meaning that ad spend has been paid to the ideal channels, fostering user engagement where else it'd be dropped. The Suite also keeps your dataset tidy, permitting planning and effort reviews to be based on completely accurate data. The Fraud Prevention Suite also assesses each and every install occasion in real time, scanning for abnormalities and possibly deceptive action. By focusing on singular events, Offerseven guarantees no false positives are all introduced.

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