Mobile first responsive design


The mobile first responsive design is used to explain the website development which is based on responsive design. However, this approach indicates that the website should be developed for mobile platforms first and then optimized for other devices. If it is superb for mobile devices, it will be useful for all other devices.

History of term

This term and the direction of development has been among us since 2001, although it was neglected. The first, actual use and the advance of the mobile first responsive design began in 2008. Ever since then, we have websites which are developed precisely following this rule.

Why is it important to know?

Mobile first responsive design is essential for web developers and all of those who are working on website optimization. It allows for websites to be quicker and better ranked by the search engines.

How can I use it?

How well an ad will perform if a website is developed using this rule is the main question all affiliate marketer has. That’s why it is essential for them and it is something that deserves a full attention.

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