Multi-screen ad campaign


Using one display campaign for several, different devices is known as a multi-screen ad campaign. In most cases, this refers to the computers, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, it is important to adapt the landing pages or entire websites for all three device types.

History of term

The first time we were able to see the appearance of multi-screen ad campaigns was in 2013. But, due to a high success rate, it soon became one of the most common advertising techniques globally. It simply affects the highest number of consumers with just one campaign.

Why is it important to know?

Understanding how multi-screen ad campaigns work will allow for you to maximize the potential of a specific campaign. It also allows for you to use one campaign instead of three and to get high conversion rates.

How can I use it?

It is known that affiliate marketers will benefit from this system the most. They are capable of using a single campaign, which saves money in order to reach users with 3 or more different devices. In essence, this technique is one of the most productive of them all.

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