OS targeting


OS targeting or operating system targeting allows the marketers to target the specific operating system or a version of it a user uses. It is common among displaying ads to Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems, but more importantly, this type of targeting is important for mobile devices.

History of term

It has been among us since 2000 but for computer operating systems. It began to gain on popularity for smartphone users since 2008 and the biggest difference is between Apple and Android devices and obviously operating systems they use.

Why is it important to know?

This form of targeting is extremely important for all who offer services or products that are important for a specific operating system. For example, it is crucial to offer an Android app for users who use the Android operating system.

How can I use it?

All affiliate marketers use this type of targeting when they have a campaign which is focused on Android or iOS operating systems. They also have the ability to offer the ad to the operating system which is commonly linked to the product campaign offers.

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