Predictive Analytics

Definition for Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics, such as send-time optimization and automated A/B testing winner choice and sending, enable you to use current user info to make effective, personalized campaigns.

How to use Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics are information tools in marketing automation systems that will assist you understand from the past and make educated guesses about the way your marketing and advertising techniques will perform later on. Far more powerful than working on hunches, these analytics mine user information to gauge the operation of strategies like send moment, segmentation, variants, and channel utilization.

When incorporated with an MMA (mobile marketing automation system), predictive analytics helps entrepreneurs automate the choice and sending of their very prosperous messages. This may consist of tracking A/B test outcomes and dispersing the effective version or customizing send instances based on preceding user action amounts. Used carefully, it can help create the perfect requirements for customized advertising at scale: targeting the proper person who has proper message at the perfect time--and supplying the value that they seek.

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