Programmatic Media Buying


What is Programmatic Media Buying?

Basically, programmatic marketing is the expression to specify using automated technologies for media purchasing, instead of conventional (often manual) approaches of electronic advertisements. Programmatic media buying uses data insights and calculations to serve advertisements to the ideal consumer at the ideal time, and at the ideal cost. Programmatic media buying can be classified into various forms: RTB or Open market, Private Marketplace (PMP), and Programmatic Direct. Normally, the programmatic ecosystem includes three chief elements: a DSP, SSP along with a Ad Exchanger. Ad inventory is purchased by means of a auction. Using programmatic stations, advertisers can purchase per impression, thus targeting the proper audience. Considering that the method is automated, programmatic media buying ensures efficiency and speed which isn't matched in the standard media purchasing.

Why is Programmatic Media Buying Important?

The standard media purchasing process involves a whole lot of manual processing, usually with various requests for proposals (RFPs), individual discussions and guide insertions of their orders (IOs), making it ineffective and slow. Furthermore, advertisements are bought in bulk and advertisers have very little control over the inventory and positioning.

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