Rate Limiting

Definition for Rate Limiting?

Rate limiting limits the amount of messages delivered during a time period to prevent overloading servers.

How to use Rate Limiting?

Rate limiting is the practice of limiting the amount of messages delivered at a time period to prevent overwhelming answers or to some specific individual who may be in a number of sections. In case you've got a mega bargain to announce along with a great deal of subscribers, just one push notification might be sufficient to overload your servers with visitors and put a significant damper on your own momentum. Better to set speed limitations to ensure, say, just 10,000 messages send every moment, which will stagger the answer.

When using rate limiting, it's crucial that you do the math for any time or provide restricted supplies. Based upon your database, limitations may indicate that some messages obtained't be routed to get a day or more (5M in 10K per second will require two or more days and the deal might be died) Additionally you may want to organize with additional delivery attributes, such as send-time frequency or optimization caps.

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