What is Reattribution?

Reattribution is the attribution of a re-install or launching event to an individual that hasn't utilized a program in some time, but that's returned because of a retargeting effort. Many times, users leave a program permanently, either by uninstalling or not returning. These users frequently make great goals for re-engagement campaigns, and reattribution is the expression to describe people who install or re-open once again. Reattribution enables app marketers to find out what creative or campaign caused an individual to return.

Why is Reattribution Important?

Reattribution is essential for marketers as it assesses the operation of the retargeting campaigns. When users aren't as busy as they should be (according to the 'perfect' user travel of this program), entrepreneurs conduct retargeting campaigns. Reattribution enables flagging of those users that go back to the program (before getting active again) thanks to those retargeting campaigns. Basically, reattribution has the identical function as attribution (tracking/performance observation) but just for users who've been re-engaged.

Reattribution and Offerseven

Universal Reattribution provides our users opinions on the consumers returning to their own program and where they came out. The application ensures that any re-engagement is going to be monitored, recorded and examined irrespective of the circumstance in which it occurs. With this, you'll get the most persuasive messages for inactive customers and understand with good accuracy if they're returning.

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