Responsive grid


This is another element of responsive web design. It refers to the automatic adaptation of the grids depending on the web browser or the email. Basically, it will adapt the size of the email or a website to the most suitable dimensions. Responsive grids are usually processed by responsive grid generators.

History of term

As the main element of responsive design, the responsive grid has been available since 2000. However, with the increase of use of smartphone and tablets it became the main element or rule of responsive development. It can make a huge difference.

Why is it important to know?

The responsive grid is essential for responsive web design. As such it is used and important for developers and marketers. Using this technique increases the chances of website visit and email interactions.

How can I use it?

There is no need in telling you that responsive grid design is essential for all websites and emails that are used in campaigns. Using the design in question increases the number of reached people and therefore increases the sale potential.

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