Responsive web design


Responsive web design has been more than just popular today. It is based on sleek images and content in general but also has the ability to adapt to a specific device or different devices. It is treated as the most sophisticated form of web design and it is essential nowadays.

History of term

Responsive web design was introduced back in 2001 in the United States. The first website to be based on this design was Soon it spread across the world and gained impressive popularity. The main advantage is in the fact one website can be used for offering content to numerous, different devices.

Why is it important to know?

Responsive web design is essential for all who are working with websites. Basically, this is a mandatory rule to follow at the moment simply due to the fact it is the most advanced of them all. It is also known to decrease the development and maintenance costs of a website.

How can I use it?

This form of design is a must for all affiliate marketer. Regardless of which campaign type they use, responsive web design is a must. For example, if we compare it to standard website development techniques, we can see an increase in user satisfaction for 50%.

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