Retention Rate


What is a Retention Rate?

A retention rate provides a few to the proportion of consumers that are still using a program after a specific number of days after install. The amount is calculated by counting the amount of unique users that activate a minumum of one session in 1 day, then dividing this by the amount of complete installs in just a given cohort.

Why Are Retention Rates Important?

Retention rates help you realize how well your program is acting more than per person. A greater retention rate is much better overall since users that remain busy for more supply more engagement, in addition to a larger monetization prospect. Retention rates are fantastic for understanding why many consumers disengage from programs, and in which you reside in the grander scheme of program functionality. This could help pinpoint exactly what you are able to improve. Together with your investigation, you can have a look at just how retention develops on your program on a 30-day period. If retention drops in a specific stage, a goal is to increase the amount of consumers that are engaged and interested to keep beyond that date. In gambling, this is frequently the conclusion of this onboarding period. In verticals such as e-commerce, you can learn if buys happen and optimize for this point in time. Generally, retention rates supply you with a possible insight to the longevity of your program.

Retention Rates and Offerseven

The retention rate is a very important portion of Offerseven's comprehensive cohort evaluation. Retention rates provide you a firm idea of consumer activity in your own program, and you are able to assess and compare current user action and long-term improvement by shifting perspectives. These perspectives include days, months or weeks later install. For much more on the capacities of the cohorts, have a look here. In case you'd love to find out more about what makes a fantastic retention rate, click here.

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