Definition for Sunsetting?

Sunsetting is ceasing to send messages into disengaged users.

How to use Sunsetting?

Sunsetting is the procedure for identifying and stopping to send messages into disengaged usersin other words, cleaning your listing. Occasionally users become disinterested in a item, however don't even go to the issue to unsubscribe from email lists or disable programs.

Even though there's hope for re-engagement in certain instances with the correct strategy, in a lot of ways, leaving those users on your campaigns and ongoing to send messages is debatable. It negatively affects your open rates and also for email, can result in reduced spam or priority sorting by ISPs, which may harm deliverability for your complete list. Businesses need to develop reef policies to spot when a user is adequately disengaged (based on spam reports, time since last open or click, etc.) so they're left from busy messaging lists. Some policies comprise one effort to participate before sunsetting.

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