Triggered Message

Definition for Triggered Message?

A triggered message is automatic outreach delivered in response to some predetermined user occasion.

How to use Triggered Message?

Triggered messages are automatic marketing communications which are sent in reaction to some pre-selected user occasion. Some could be regular transactional messages, like a confirmation email after a purchase, but attempts can be constructed to encourage specific actions send a effort following the does or doesn't even afford the action. Onboarding campaigns could be triggered with a very first program open or accounts setup, an abandoned cart left five times could cause a reminder drive message, and devotion attempts can begin once a range of purchases are made inside a window.

These kinds of messages are a vital element for relationship marketing since they let you respond to particular user activities instead of sending batch and burst campaigns. The arrangement of this trigger depends upon actionable information and lots of CRMs provide for different customizations such as flaws and frequency capping, so guarantee the message is going to be seen and in the very best time.

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