Universal Linking


What is Universal Linking?

Universal linking is Apple's way of launch programs on iOS when they're connected to from a web site.

What Makes Universal Links Different?

There aren't lots of gaps between them and conventional deep connections, besides they're exclusive to Apple apparatus. But they do provide a singular USP of having the ability to start a web page out of application. Concerning execution, including universal links can also be much like deep hyperlinks, though rather than specifying a custom URL scheme, a universal connection matches a pair of web pages into places in-app. When a user opens a webpage that is matched as clarified, iOS automatically sends the user into the program.

Universal Linking and Offerseven

Offerseven have incorporated universal linking to the stage as part of the deep linking supplying. In case you're setting up for the very first time, our universal linking documentation is our helping hands which will steer you through the procedure.

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