Definition for Whitelabel?

Whitelabeling masks different products that you use, such as mobile marketing automation platforms, in order it seems like users are getting emails directly from the own domain.

How to use Whitelabel?

Whitelabeling is the procedure of re-branding or hiding a merchandise so it feels and looks just like your website or domain name. Of the important forms, entrepreneurs can utilize whitelabeling to personalize emails to a domain so that they seem to end-users like they're coming straight from you if they're being delivered through your CRM, ESP, or advertising platform seller. Email whitelabeling is essential for standing and deliverability since it significantly increases the chances users will participate with these emails and ISPs are more inclined to send them into the Inbox rather than spam.

As opposed to revealing the email coming out of email assistance, by way of instance, their ISPs/mailbox suppliers will recognize your domain name as the origin. Whitelabeling is accomplished with your email advertising platform via the development of sending subdomains and DNS records that your development group will increase your DNS system.

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