Wi-Fi targeting


Displaying the ads to users that are connected to a specific Wi-Fi network is called Wi-Fi targeting. It is reserved for fast-networks and usually linked to websites or networks focused on videos and pictures. It works by getting the IP address of the user and matching it with the specific Wi-Fi network.

History of term

This form of advertising has been among us since 2011. Nowadays all larger advertising companies offer this form of advertising. It is known to offer a high number of potential users and decent conversion rates.

Why is it important to know?

As you may know by now, using Wi-Fi targeting is an essential additional form of displaying ads to the users. We said additional, due to the fact the amount of users being reached is limited by several factors. Also, with the increase of popularity of the carrier internet connection, the decrease of Wi-Fi targeting is common.

How can I use it?

Regardless of the fact how much Wi-Fi is popular or how much it is going to be popular in the near future, all affiliate marketers should use it. It is an excellent way to reach thousands of people per day and it is an affordable advertising technique.

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